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Let Meier’s take care of all your beverage needs for your next event.

Whether you need a cash bar, host bar or combination, we have everything you need for events from 30 to 3000 people. Wedding receptions, open houses, holiday parties or tailgates. You name it, Meier’s can customize the beverage products and services to your specific event. When you hire Meier’s for your event, you don’t have to worry about how many bottles or wine you’ll need or how many glasses to rent, we take all of the guesswork out. Best part is, you only pay for what you use. No running out and no leftover bottles that you’ll never use.

Need help planning your event? We can recommend reputable food caterers and event spaces for every occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Minimum

There is no minimum, however “cash” bars with under 100 expected attendees are subject to a $75 set-up and licensing fee. The fee is waived on “cash” bars over 100 guests.

How Much Advanced Notice Do I Need?

For “cash” or “combination” bars, within Lincoln City limits, 25 days.  Outside of Lincoln City limits, 35 days.  Private (non-cash) bars held on private property typically require 10-14 days.

Can I Bring In My Own Alcohol/Liqour and Have Meier’s Pour?

No.  All alcohol must be delivered and dispensed by Meier’s.  Rare exceptions can be made, but must be pre-approved by Meier’s.

How Much Does Labor Cost / How Many Bartenders Will I Need?

Bartender Labor is $24 per hour / per bartender. Generally, we allocate 1 bartender for every 70 guests expected. (See catering pricing list for drink prices.)

Can I Make Special Requests?

Yes!  Meier’s knows every event is unique and will customize the products and services around you!

Is There a Deposit or Up-Front Cost?

Yes, Private events require a $100 deposit and credit card on file to which we can charge the invoice upon completion.  “Corporate” events can be invoiced – terms are net 30 days from the event date.

Is Meier’s Staff Insured / Trained / Licensed?

Yes, we carry multiple insurance, liquor liability, and umbrella policies.  Some venues do require additional “event insurance”.  Check with your venue to see if they have additional requirements.  Every Meier’s staff has received their required seller / server permits and responsible hospitality training.

What’s The Difference Between a “Cash
Bar and a “Hosted” Bar? Can I Do a Combination?

“Cash” bars require guests to pay for their own drinks.  “Hosted” bars require the host to pay for the drinks.  “Combination” bars are a popular option and Meier’s will work with you to plan your event and maximize your budget.

Are Kegs Available for Catering?

Yes, in most facilities. Some venues do not allow them.  Pricing is determined by brand and type.  We can price quote keg beer when booking the event.

Do You Cater Food Too?

No, however Meier’s works closely with several fantastic, local food caterers and would be happy to get you in contact.

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